Does One Mail Forwarding Service Have a Supreme Advantage Over Another

It seems like mail forwarding service options should be fairly straightforward. You forward your mail to them and they somehow either get it back to you or let you view it online. And yes, that is the basics, but there are more things to compare that affect the basic price than you might be aware of.

Now don’t get me wrong, the basic price is where you should start because if you want the minimum amount of service and just want to see your mail online, you may be fine with that. Both Earth Class Mail and Mailbox Forwarding start out with similar basic prices, although the Mailbox Forwarding Company is slightly cheaper.

The upgrade decisions you’ll face are based on how many pieces of mail you get and whether you are particular about the address the mail is sent to. Some people just want their mail forwarded because they travel a lot and need to see what’s coming in. But if you’re using the mail forwarding service address as your business address, you might be more particular about which state your address is in.

As far as our comparison can tell, this is where Earth Class Mail has an advantage. They do have more virtual address options, although they also charge more depending on the popularity of the state you want to your address in. For example, Los Angeles costs more than Miami, and a street address costs more than a PO Box address.

What doesn’t make sense is that some companies charge more for scanning the contents of the envelope and some do not. In my humble opinion, if you offer a service where you scan mail and put it online for the owners to view, the inside scan of the envelope should be included in the basic charge, not just the envelope scan. We found this a very odd thing to charge more for! One company was fairer than the other though and offered enough scans in their basic charge to satisfy the needs of most people.

So yes, there are decisions to make when you are looking for a mail forwarding service but it really shouldn’t be a hard decision if you know what you want, and what you’re willing to pay more for. With the information we have now given you, you’ll know the most important things to compare – which are the services that are included in the basic charge vs. what you’ll end up paying more for each month.

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